Don’t blame God for the circumstances we create. Humbly ask God to intercede

The negative events we experience individually or as a collective are a result of individual or group choices. God did not create a species of robots. God gave humanity the power to make their own decisions, and each decision we make, whether large or small, has consequences.

God gives people, nations, and the world the ability to make decisions. Our decisions can produce positive results, devastatingly negative results and every result in-between. The world is in the shape it is because of the consequences of human beings making decisions that cause these types of results. We could eliminate all these things if we wanted to.

Do we really want to?

Of course, at a humanitarian level, we do. Still, most of us are not willing to make uncomfortable personal sacrifices. Are you eager to sacrifice your comfort for people who live on the other side of the planet who do not look like you and who do not believe the same as you? Based on my observation of people, there are not many who would. We have a tough time even helping our neighbors here in this country if they do not look like us or believe the same as we do.

The world only solves a problem when the problem becomes too horrific to ignore. So, God only observes because He will not violate humankind’s free will. God gave us free will and God will not override it.

On the other hand, we can use our free well and ask God to intervene. All we must do is ask. God is waiting to assist us if only we would invite Him. This is what God desires. Human beings are created with the free will not to believe in God. They choose with their free will to believe in God and then ask God to intercede in their lives. The lost sheep find their way home. Let the heavens rejoice!


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