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I know it has a pagan history. However, I’ve concluded that anything that highlights God, Christ, and love for one another is sanctified. What do you think? Like any topic, I respect everyone’s perspective.


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  • The Book Why was spiritually eye-opening. – Rodney E.
  • The narrator really brings the book to life. – Stan F.
  • I do not agree with everything, but The Book Why made me think and analyze what I believe. – Deidra B.
  • Reading this book reaffirmed what I always believed to be true. – Freddy O.
  • Helped me look at the world differently and accept people who believe different from me. – Helen B.

What is pain? What is hate? What is death? What is unconditional love? Do you have spiritual questions only God can answer?

The Book Why, will help you gain the spiritual boldness necessary to ask God.

To receive the answers that will help you better understand your life, Ask God Why.

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